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Pain Relief Roll-On | CBD infused

In a world where time or tide waits for none, don't let the pain slow you down. Sometimes grinding pain leaves one feeling paralysed or halted. Many look for an instant effective method to help them alleviate the excruciating pain. There is a need for a quick to-go option available for our go-getters. What if I told you there is an instant pain relief roll-on enriched with the anti-inflammatory properties of cannabinoids.

With the goodness of tea tree oil & peppermint oil to give you a cooling & soothing sensation, the CBD Pain Relief Freeze Roll-On will help release the pain caused by inflammation.

Here are some benefits of using the CBD Pain Relief Freeze Roll-On:

  1. Instant Relief- The presence of menthol & tea tree oil will provide an instant cooling effect. The CBD infused roll-on will help alleviate the tension in the affected area.

  2. Targeted Pain Relief- The convenience of pain relief roll-on is measured by its effectiveness on a specific or targeted injury. You can easily apply this roll-on on the affected area anytime, anywhere and get effective results.

  3. Alleviates Muscle Soreness- The stiffness or soreness on the muscles sometimes leads to immovability. The presence of CBD in the roll-on helps release any joint discomfort from the affected area.

  4. Works for Arthritic Pain- Over 54 million people suffer from Arthritic pain in America. One out of four people suffering from arthritic pain suffers from severe joint pain. The CBD Pain Relief Freeze Roll-On works wonders for people suffering from this severe discomfort.

You don't have to be worried about joint pain or discomfort anymore, get your GoGreen Hemp CBD Pain Relief Freeze Roll-On today. To know more about CBD infused skin products, click here.

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