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CBD Flower - Golden Redwood - 3.5g-7g

CBD Flower - Golden Redwood - 3.5g-7g

SKU: 89455929

With its tangy scent and shimmering coating of resinous trichomes, Golden Redwood’s dense hemp flower nugs are pungent and sticky to the touch. Discover the experience of unwinding the body and mind without becoming unbalanced with carefully grown and expertly cured CBD flower grown exclusively on the Redwood Reserves Family Farm.

  • Available In
    • 3.5g Jar
    • 7g Jar
  • Golden Redwood is a balanced hybrid strain
  • Carefully cured in wooden barrels
  • Contains a rare selection of terpenes not often found in other CBD strains
  • Single sourced from the Redwood Reserves Family farm

Why Smoke CBD?

It's fast acting, relaxing, and helps mitigate the effects of withdrawal symptoms. Whether you're trying to quit smoking something else or just want something to help you relax after a long day, one puff of our hemp smokes will make you understand why everyone else is making the switch to Redwood cigs.

  • Helps relax & unwind
  • Soothes the body & mind
  • Promotes overall well-being

Ingredients: Redwood Reserves CBD flower is made from naturally grown hemp straight from our family farm. Hand-trimmed and shipped directly to your door.

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